Autumn Workshop: Encouraging Resilience and Independence in Study Abroad

Join us for a productive and positive workshop discussing practical strategies for fostering resilience and independence in a study abroad setting. The workshop is being hosted by Duquesne in Dublin.

Study abroad has followed the trend of US higher education in general by providing a more structured and supportive experience. However, the study abroad experience is still a step away from the familiar and comfortable, and for many students it may be the first meaningful opportunity to live away from the supports of parents or a full-service campus.

How can study abroad professionals bring our perspective – which particularly values the opportunities presented by discomfort, ambiguity, and struggle in developing intercultural skills – to helping today’s young adults develop the resilience and independence that past generations were given the opportunity to learn at a much younger age?

We will be discussing Julie Lythcott-Haims‘s book “How to Raise an Adult” along with presentations of and ideas for encouraging independence and resilience while still providing a safe experience.

There are limited places still available – book here. This workshop is open to members of ASAPI. If you, or your institution, have not joined ASAPI, please complete our membership form. Daily memberships are available.

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